quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010


Vídeo enviado pela nossa colaboradora Carmela.

Música do excelente Grieg, dedicado ao meu amigo Renny BA da Noruega.

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  1. Dear blog friend!! I'm sitting here commenting while watching the lovely vid - what a composition!

    ... and I do it with tears running down my cheeks and with joy in my heart :-)

    To me, this is the most Norwegian you can get when it comes to music and of course the wonderful landscape photos - and as that, one of my faves within classic music!

    There is another reason for the tears down my cheeks and joy in my heart: that is that blogging has connecting us and in August we will meet together with other bloggers from all over the world.
    Then you and me and my wife and your hubby and the rest of the participants, can enjoy each others company in a morning like this (we have to get up early in the morning then, since the sun rise around 5 - and set around 9 :-)

    Excuse me for being so sentimental, but this IS sooooo heart touching to me and I can hardly wait to give you a big Viking hug for IT!

  2. It's nice that you enjoy the post, the music and the landscape. I love it too. Grieg is one of my favourit composers and I took a picture of its statue in Bergen.

    Give me that big Viking Hug. You will not break me... :-)

  3. A melhor música de sempre.
    Põe aqui o "Notturno", de Grieg, outra coisa do outro Mundo :-)



  4. Ok, give me that big Viking Hug!
    You will not crash me, I'm solid as a pearl :-)

  5. Belas imagens, bela música, belo vídeo. Parabéns Carmela e Lelé Batita!! Beijos, ;)

  6. Luís
    O "Notturno" de Grieg entrará a teu pedido já nesta próxima madrugada.
    Beijos. Obrigada.