domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

Oslo Blog Gathering foi há um mês

Fotos: (c)Pérola de Cultura

Grandes momentos em Oslo num encontro internacional de bloggers, muito especial, cheio de surpresas e inesquecível!

Thank you Renny & Diane, Tor, Maribel, Li & Bo, Pierre & Claudie, Karen, Haether & Lawrence, Corinne, Vagabonde & Williams, the Mayor Fabian Stang, and all the others who made those moments so special!

10 comentários:

  1. Wonderful photos and memories! Thank you too! And remember: friends for life :-)


  2. Allready a month ago since the wonderful OsloBG.
    This is a very nice summary

  3. Adorei as suas fotos!!! Você é de Portugal?? Queria tanto ter indo nesse encontro!!

  4. So many good memories . It is sad to think That a whole month has gone by ! you Have done a wonderful job of Bringing These memories back to life with your photos ! Friends for life !

  5. Cuantos recuerdos mararavillosos ! Ha sido una experiencia genial conocer en Oslo gente tan buena como tu y Luis !
    Un besazo amiga


  6. Andreia
    Sim, sou de Portugal, mas também cidadã europeia e viajante pelo mundo.

  7. Come back to Oslo!!!!

    Lots of Love

    Karen x

  8. Nice to read again about Oslo BG and discovering other photos and moments!
    Friends for life we are!!!

  9. Sorry I am a bit behind it time! Thanks for taking us down the memory lane - these photos are wonderful examples of some Magic Moments at OsloBG!

    The list of participants posts are updated with this too of course.

  10. Thank you Renny, our wonderfull host in Oslo!